Monday, October 17, 2011

Honey and papaya salad

Papaya contains pectin that aids digestion.  Here we go for a smooth papaya salad recepie
Papaya (ready to eat): 750 gm
Lemon juice: 10ml
Honey: 10ml
Chilli Flakes
Mint leaves:2
Rock salt 
Roasted seasme seeds: a pinch (for garnish)

Method: Dice the papaya and keep it in the fridge. Make a mixture of honey, lemon juice, chopped mint, chilli flakes and a pinch of rock salt. Stir in a mixing bowl for two minutes and add the chilled papaya. Mix slowly with a wooden ladle. Transfer is to serving bowl. Add roaster sesame seed as a garnish and serve chilled.

Courtesy; The Hindu, 4-10-2007

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