Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Crispy Veggie Salad


Chinese cabbage shredded -1/2 a cup

Carrot cut into cubes -1/2 a cup

Capsicum (Red, Green and Yellow) cut into thin 1 inch pieces - 1/2 a cup

Boiled sweet corn -1/2 a cup

Tomato deseeded and cut into 1 inch long thin pieces -1/2 a cup

Cucumber cut into cubes 1/2 a cup

Lime Juice 2 table spoons

Edible Olive Oil 1 table spoon

Salt and Pepper powder to taste

Parsley for garnish.



Mix all the vegetables in a large bowl. Add lime juice and olive oil and toss the contents.  Leave the bowl in the refrigerator and just before serving add salt and pepper powder and garnish with chopped parsley. DO not freeze the salad as it may change the taste and texture. 

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